Damac Suburbia Downtown Jebel Ali

Damac Suburbia Downtown Jebel Ali

Suburban Infrastructure. Moroccan Architecture.
If you’ve ever wandered through the colorful cities of Fez and Marrakech, you’ll no doubt have fallen in love
with the exhilarating mix of architecture, elaborate decoration and a culture steeped in rich history
and mysticism.
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suburia jebel ali
Suburbia, is a spectacular development comprising of 2 apartment towers and breathtaking townhouses.
Inspired from different facets of Moroccan architecture, starting from its use of bright color schemes,
geometrical patterns to richly ornamented exteriors, Suburbia captures the exotic mystique of this alluring
land within your own home creating the perfect harmony between luxury and beauty.

suburbia By damac

Suburbia Luxury Apartments

Home is where the heart is. Dwell amidst unmatched luxury of uncompromising quality. Elegantly designed
interiors with majestic views outside. The ideal place to spend quality time with family and friends.
≈ 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments
≈ Thoughtfully planned space and utilities
≈ Tastefully chosen fixed furniture and joinery
≈ Elegantly designed interiors

Suburbia Townhouses By Damac

A Private World of Your Own.
Enter a world with spectacular settings that shield you from the hectic pace of the outside world. A world of
your own, cut off from the rest. A true statement of the ultimate lifestyle. Your private world with private
amenities and facilities.
≈ Triplex, duplex and single floor dwellings
≈ Open roof terraces

suburia jebel ali floor PLAN

SUBURIA Floor Plan 5 to 7 Floor SUBURIA Floor Plan 8 to 10 floor SUBURIA Floor Plan BASEMENT

SUBURIA Floor Plan 1th floor SUBURIA Floor Plan 2th floor SUBURIA Floor Plan 4th floor

A Location that Connects with Nature
Live in a location which offers you a home with a soul. For this location is truly inspired from Mother Earth, the
most creative designer of all. A true work of art by itself, Downtown Jebel Ali is a self-sustaining community,
seamlessly integrated with the rest of Dubai through a rich transport system, making it a truly
integrated community.

SUBURIA Location Map
≈ Buzzing Urban Centre with cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities
≈ A cool, shady Trellis District where people can walk in comfort and children can play in safety
≈ A Medina, with its maze of pedestrian alleyways and relaxed atmosphere
≈ Four Dubai Metro stations for effortless travel between each zone
≈ Low-rise residential neighbourhoods
≈ Courtyards and plazas
≈ Streets & parks
≈ Shopping & dining

Suburbia Price List